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Peterson Auto Body’s paint booths are top of the line. We use Nova Verta heated spray booth systems. Nova Verta is one of the first and few that have a listing allowing re-circulation of the make up air system during preparation and cure cycles. This allows for a substantial amount of fuel and electrical savings, since many of these systems are typically operated in re-circulation 60 to 75% of the time. An advantage of re-circulation is faster drying times.

Prep Cycle

Nova Verta’s first operating mode optimizes booth conditions while final masking and tack off is performed. Using a variable frequency drive and make-up unit with stainless steel heat exchanger, the Nova Verta system warms air and safely re-cirulates it through the Prep Station – without exposing operators or other shop employees to the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Spray Cycle

Once prep work is completed, a single touch to the Operator Panel shifts the Nova Verta booth operation to the Spray Cycle. At this stage, a steady stream of freshly heated air is provided into the booth and a constant, ideal booth pressure is automatically maintained at a minimum wihtout the use of damper or operator intervention.

Cure Cycle

After the painting process is complete, another touch to the Operator Panel puts the booth in Cure/Bake Cycle. The Cure Cycle, like the Prep Cycle, effectively re-circulates air, minimizing electricity usage and fuel consumption.

Total Quality

In addition to three distinct operating modes, tailored to reduce overall energy costs, these Prep Stations feature the hallmarks of Nova Verta craftsmanship:

Booth Construction

With vinyl-coated, galvanized, dual panel construction, two and half inches of insulation, tubular steel structural support, door hardware, sealing material, and nut and bolt assembly, Nova Verta Prep Stations are built to last.


Using Class I, Division II inside access fixtures, there’s a visible difference in the technicians’ environment. All strategically-placed fixtures use a uniquely designed ballast and color corrective tubes to eliminate shadowing and interference with light output.

At Peterson Auto Body we use Nova Verta paint booths. 

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